From Wedding MBA: Email Marketing Tips

Got an email program? Is it Can-Spam compliant? Are your campaigns mobile-friendly? Does your email end up in the spam folder?

Email can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but the technical aspects of building a successful email program can sometimes seem overwhelming. On day 3 of Wedding MBA we shared a ton of practical tips on how to get started and fine tune your email program. The information came from the email marketing gurus who run all of our email campaigns at The Knot.

We covered everything from Can-Spam compliance and tips for mobile-friendly email design to how to build a subscriber base and avoid spam-triggers. Aside from all the technical know-how, the key to a successful email program is to think of email as a service to your subscribers. Send them information they need to know or exclusive invitations and you’ll get their attention.

You can download the slides here: Email Marketing WMBA 2012

And remember, if you want to reach potential customers who are in market for your services, you can always sign up for an email blast from The Knot. We’ve got thousands of brides in your local market that are actively planning for their weddings, and our team of experts is on hand to help you with the email design and subject line. To check availability call your Account Executive or email us at

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