It’s all about the photos!

So many of today’s popular websites and apps are completely photo-driven. Gone are the days where you need to write a lot to say a lot about your business. A beautiful and compelling photo can speak volumes and will inspire a bride to contact you on the spot. A bad photo can make her turn away immediately. Here are some tips for choosing great images to represent your business:

Only use shots from a pro

Sure, camera phones offer pretty great quality photos, but your image portfolio should consist of only shots by a professional photographer. This makes a huge impact on the perception of your professionalism and the legitimacy of your business. Don’t have access to any professional photos? Try to connect with fellow vendors in the industry and set up a barter. You can promote a helpful photographer on your own website by clearly crediting their images and linking to their site.

Natural setting is best

Imagine that your photos are the ones that a bride would want for her own album. For example, a pretty bouquet looks best when it’s being held by a bride or bridesmaid in natural light, not set up as a still-life on a table in your store. Here’s an example:

Stay current

Trends change all the time, so don’t proudly display a photo from four years ago! Make sure to keep your photos current (within a year or two) and represent the styles, colors and trends happening now. Photos can easily look dated, giving brides the impression that you are behind the times.

Show off your work

Make sure the shots you choose celebrate your amazing talent. If you’re a cake baker, show close-up shots of your most beautiful detail work as well as photos of entire cakes. If you’re a DJ, feature photos of a packed dance floor, filled with people having an great time in addition to shots of you and your equipment set-up. Highlighting what makes you different and unique will make you stand out from the competition.

Photos make a first impression in your marketing, so make it count. Beautiful, high-impact images that showcase your services, talents and abilities will help turn valuable leads into paying customers.

For more advice from Lori and the design team at The Knot, follow @TheKnotDesign on Twitter!

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