Interacting with Today’s Brides

Today’s brides are busy, multimedia multitaskers. Make sure you make a great impression from the start and build a trusting relationship!



The First Impression

When she’s researching on The Knot, she’s trying to decide whether or not she wants to contact you for more information based on your photos and text. You want to make sure your Storefront is complete and includes a strong call to action. This is the very first impression of your business, and if she likes it, she will want MORE information and will click over to your website or social media pages.

She’s Interested!

Make your business come across as friendly and professional at each touch point! You will never have a second chance to make a first impression. Think about recent experiences when you were the customer. What did you appreciate or like? What turned you off?

Inquiries from The Knot Storefront OR Emailed Inquiries: Your response should be personalized, professional and timely. Respond as soon as possible in a thoughtful manner to show that you care about your customers. Waiting to respond could cost you their business! Spam filters can occasionally flag an inquiry, so it’s a good idea to check those folders on a regular basis.

  • Thank the bride for taking the time to contact you.
  • Congratulate her on her upcoming wedding.
  • Answer the questions she asks in her initial email—don’t just go straight into your pitch.
  • Ask her questions, get to know her and find out more about what is important to her.
  • Highlight what sets you apart. Describe briefly what makes your product or services different from everything else out there.
  • Explain the next steps in the process and ask her to take the next step. If it’s getting together, let her know your availability for a meeting.
  • Sign off and congratulate her again on her big day! You could say: “If you have any additional questions, please let me know. You can also check out my blog/Facebook page here: ____.”

You may have a template response with specific information that you want to cover and that’s fine, but make sure you personalize the message and answer the specific questions she asked.

If a bride submits an inquiry through your Storefront on The Knot, her inquiry will appear in your inbox within My Account. You’ll also get an email alert within your personal email account. If you hit reply from the alert or reply from inside MyAccount, the lead status will update to “replied” in My Account. If you call her or reply separately, you may want to update the lead status in My Account to keep your leads organized.

Social Media/Facebook: Presence, Inquiries or Messages: It is important to have a presence on Facebook, as this is another way to extend the conversation with potential clients.

  • If you’re just getting started, make sure you create a business account! It’s easy to create a second account on Facebook where you only post business related messages.
  • Keep it professional. Update your friends on Facebook with photos of your recent work. Post photos, tips, etc., but keep them professional! Leave personal status updates for your personal profile.
  • Check your Facebook page daily. Inquiries or messages on your Facebook page should be handled similarly to the way you handle an emailed inquiry. We suggest attempting to move the conversation into your email. This keeps the feeling more professional.

Phone calls: Answer your phone in a professional manner by stating your business name. For example, “Thank you for calling Reggio Photography. How can I help you?” Even answering “Reggio Photography…” is better than simply saying “Hello?” This gives the bride confidence that she called the correct number and that you are ready to help her. If you are in the middle of another task (driving, eating, working with another client) and cannot devote attention to the call, do not answer the phone. It is a better experience for the caller to leave a voicemail than to feel like you’re too busy for her or that she is interrupting you. If someone else in your office answers the phones, make sure they understand how important it is to be professional. You may want to test it out by calling your business to experience it first-hand.

  • Voicemails: Your voicemail message should be clear and professional. It is another extension of your business, and if done poorly, it could turn her away. Try to sound friendly and upbeat in the recording. Include your business name with a timeframe of how quickly she can expect to hear back.
  • Follow-up: Following up is really important. A bride is busy and appreciates a quick check-in if you haven’t heard from her in a while. Keep it brief, polite and positive. Don’t be pushy or guilt her for not getting back to you. Simply tell her you enjoyed meeting her and you’re available to answer any further questions. Wish her all the best for her wedding day.
  • After she signs on the dotted line: Congratulations, they are now your customer! You still need to be professional and responsive. This is your time to really get to know your bride and what she expects from you so that you can meet and exceed her expectations.
  • After the wedding: Contact the bride! Thank her for choosing you. If you worked with her on the wedding day, gush over how wonderful it was! Perhaps you provided a service prior and didn’t see her that day. For example, if you sold her a wedding gown, you could say, “I’m sure you were stunning in your gown! We would love to see some photos from your big day!” You really want to do your best to personalize this. It will make your bride feel special, and she is more likely to write reviews and rave about your business to all of her friends when you take these extra steps!

Want more ideas for interacting with today’s brides?  Watch our webinar on lead management strategies.

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