Top TableTop Trends from NACE Experience 2012

We’re at the NACE Experience conference today talking TableTop trends with leading caterers and event planners. Here’s a recap of the top trends we’re seeing on reception tables.

Fairy Tale-inspired

This trend was inspired by movies like Snow White and the Huntsman and designer wedding gowns that feature light and gauzy skirts fit for a princess. Terrariums are landing on fairy tale inspired reception tables with whimsical woodland vignettes. We’re also seeing spun sugar on wedding cakes and cupcakes as well as whimsical treats like popsicles.

Sheer Tradition

Last year everyone from Kate Middleton to Bella Swan wore gowns featuring long sleeves and lace. We’re seeing elegant lace overlays on reception tables and chairs, wrapped around flower vases and mimicked in lace patterned fondant on cakes. We’re hearing brides are loving flavored fondant to make the cakes as tasty as they are beautiful.

Hollywood Glamour

With movies like My Week with Marilyn and The Artist capturing brides’ imaginations, we’re seeing a huge resurgence of hollywood glamour inspired receptions. Hollywood inspired receptions feature long dramatic tables for dinner as well as luxurious lounges for after dinner cocktails. Star chefs are plating food with two or three smaller bites per plate, giving guests a chance to taste multiple exotic flavors. Glam cakes are all about sugar flowers piled high!

The Ritzy Ranch

Ritzy Ranch weddings take last year’s jelly jars and wild flowers up a notch with heirloom details and gilded edges. Inspired by the nuptials of Lauren Bush and David Lauren, reception tables feature local meats and produce and tons of candlelight. Cakes are loaded with flowers, sugar or fresh, and are presented on moss-covered pedestals.

Which trend is your favorite?

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