Wedding Spend was UP in 2011!

The results are in! Brides spent more on their weddings in 2011 according to and Real Weddings Survey, the most comprehensive survey of bridal demographics, spending and style! This is the first increase in spending since 2008–great news for wedding businesses!

Aside from having bigger budgets, the study revealed a lot more of what today’s brides are up to. They are planning longer with 16% beginning to plan even before they have a ring! Purple was the fastest growing wedding color. More weddings occured in the Fall and many were less formal than in years past. Three out of five brides used their smartphones to plan. (Have you checked out your mobile profile? Visit from your smartphone for the full mobile experience!)

Check out how much brides spent last year in your category on the nifty infographic below! For more juicy details, read the full press release here.

7 responses to “Wedding Spend was UP in 2011!

  1. Nice to see but you didn’t include the average price of the Wedding Officiant. Do you have that information and why wouldn’t that be included when it seems all the other vendors are included?

    • Hi Dave! Great question. There’s so much in our survey that we couldn’t fit it all in the infographic–average spend on the officiant was $238.

  2. Your information for florists is incorrect. They spend at least $2,700.00 to $3,00.00 for a wedding totaling $27,000.00.Wished you guys would not print such things has you get the Brides reducing there budgets,based on this information.I dont thing you realize how it hurts small business,s.

    Dj,s, Videographer, and Musicians,charge more than you are stating also.

    • Hi Julie,

      You raise a great question, let me clarify. These numbers are national averages, which don’t reflect any one market–in many markets average spend will be much higher than these numbers in every category. We would never recommend that brides use it to guide their budgets. It is purely to show the overall health of the industry. We will be making market-specific stats available soon, which should give a more accurate picture of your market. You can get that from your local account executive. Message me at and I’d be happy to connect you with your local rep.


  3. Laura,

    Nice work on the graphic/article. These malicious comments are coming from business owners with poor strategy and general bitterness towards the fact that margins have become tighter for many reasons. The point of the article was to show some basic information on the parts of planning a wedding. I don’t think it is fair to attack the author because your business is losing money – use this information as a benchmark to re-think the way you do business in a competitive industry.


    • Thanks Ted. We definitely understand the pressure you’re talking about, and that’s why we’re focused on providing insights and advice to help wedding businesses grow. Look out for more articles and webinars to come!

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